Another New Committee for Academic Year 2011-12 [03/06/11]
A new year, a new committee! This year's AGM was on the 18th of May, and you can find the new committee and their responsibilities over at Official Info. Thanks very much to the outgoing committee and band, its been a pleasure to work with you over the last few years. All my best wishes to the band in the future, and I'll see you around next year! Charlie

New Committee for 2010-11 [19/05/10]
Yet again, the end of the year has rolled around, and that means it's time for the AGM. This year the AGM was on the 12th of May, and the new committee was elected. They can be found over at Official Info along with the constitutional amendments and the reports for the year.

New Committee [20/07/09]
Well the end of the academic year has come and gone, and we have a new committee again. We had our AGM on 6th May, but I (Sarah) have just taken ages to update this thing! This post is my last duty as Secretary, as I, as well as so many other members of the band, have now graduated. *sniff!* Have a look at our Official Info to see the 2009-10 committee line-up.

New Committee [09/05/08]
This week we held our AGM, at which the new committee for 2008-09 was elected. Visit the Official Info page to find out who's now doing what!

YouTube [10/04/08]
We now have our own YouTube channel! So far, it has a number of videos from the 2008 Easter Music Club Concert. Click here to have a look!

St. Enoch Charity Gig [24/01/08]
During the afternoon of Sunday 16th December, a small group from the Big Band played in the St. Enoch Centre to raise money for Oxfam. We are pleased to report that we managed to collect £95.43!