COMMITTEE 2014-2015

PresidentSecretaryTreasurer (Acting)
Callum Wemyss
Gregor Michael
Charlie Batchelor

Musical DirectorSocial ConvenorGeneral Member
Peter Wakeford
Arjen Jongschaap

General MemberGeneral MemberGeneral Member
Peter Jupej
Neel Mackinnon
David Millar

General Member
Sammy Moore



The society will be called the Glasgow University (GU) Big Band.


To provide a facility where by musicians in the university of Glasgow can gain experience and enjoyment from playing jazz and big-band music. To promote jazz and big-band music to a wider audience through live performance.


3.1 Membership shall run concurrently with the Academic Year.
3.2 Full membership shall be open to matriculated students of Glasgow University only.
3.3 All others may join as Associate members.


4.1 The society shall be under the democratic control of membership.
4.2 Any member who is a matriculated student shall have full voting rights at General Meetings of the Society.
4.3 At any General Meeting of the Society, the weight assigned to the total vote of Associate members shall not exceed 20 per cent of the total.
4.4 The society shall have the following executive office-bearers:

President (or Chair)

4.5 Office bearers shall be elected by the membership at the Annual General Meeting or at a special general meeting called to elect a replacement during the event of vacancy.
4.6 Any number of general members can be proposed and elected at the Annual General Meeting, and can be offered non-executive named positions as the office bearers see fit.
4.7 Any member of the society (full or associate) is entitled to stand for a position, unless ineligible because it is reserved in order to secure representation for a particular section of the membership.
4.8 At least two of the three office bearers shall be full members (matriculated students of the University of Glasgow) and shall not have opted out of SRC representation under the Education Act 1994.
4.9 The Annual General Meeting, at which office bearers shall be elected, the society's accounts submitted and approved by the membership, shall not be called with less than 10 working days notice to the membership.


5.1 The membership may amend the constitution at the Annual General Meeting.
5.2 On receipt of a petition signed by 10 per cent of the membership, the Secretary shall give five working days notice of a Special General Meeting to consider constitutional amendments.